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Cartoning Machine News

How the LED bulb automatic cartoning machine carries out the packing

Date:2020/1/27 22:04:21 Click:31

How the LED bulb automatic cartoning machine carries out the packing

With the continuous progress of society, the old-fashioned energy-saving lamp has been replaced by LED bulb. Why do people advocate the use of LED bulb in energy saving, because the life of LED bulb is dozens of times better than energy-saving lamp, and it ranks well in the ranks of fluorescent lamp.

With the progress of this project, many enterprises begin to develop LED bulb, so in the case of increasing quantity, many enterprises have to consider using automation equipment to come from the moving box.
Automatic Cartoning Machine
LED bulb automatic cartoning machine is suitable LED bulb cartoning ,the machine can LED bulb cartoning automatically complete manual folding, paper box opening, goods cartoning, batch number printing, sealing and other work.

Huahao machinery adheres to the keen insight and sets out to provide LED bulb enterprises with an automatic LED bulb box loader that can solve the problem of efficiency