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High speed Packaging automatic Cartoning Machine

Date:2020/4/29 23:09:08 Click:36

High speed Packaging automatic Cartoning Machine

The high-speed automatic cartoning machine produced by Huahao machinery adopts PLC automatic control, mechanical frequency conversion and speed regulation, and electrical components all adopt international famous brands.

In order to better control the operation, our high-speed automatic Cartoning Machine adopts the human-machine interface operation system, and the performance of the box cartoning is stable and the operation is easy to understand.
automatic Cartoning Machine
The whole machine of the High speed Packaging automatic Cartoning Machine continuously pushes materials and boxes, and the actions of each executive part are coordinated, stable and reliable.

Automatic display of packing speed and finished product count.

Automatic detection of materials, manual missing, removal and other functions. If there is a lack of materials and instructions, the lower carton will be stopped automatically.

The main drive overload protection measures of the high speed automatic Cartoning Machine are in place, and the photoelectric monitoring of each part action. If the high-speed automatic Cartoning Machine is abnormal in the operation of the production cartoning products, the high-speed automatic cartoner will automatically stop to display the reason, so as to eliminate the fault of the cartoner in time.

If you encounter the failure of High speed Packaging automatic Cartoning Machine, you can consult us!

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