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Cartoning Machine News

Working principle of multifunction automatic cartoning machinery

Date:2020/7/9 16:15:42 Click:4

Working principle of multifunction automatic cartoning machinery


Automatic cartoning machine feeding is generally divided into three entrances: Instruction inlet, medicine bottle inlet and package box inlet. The whole process from box feeding to final packaging molding can be roughly divided into four stages: box lowering, opening, filling and lid closing.

Usually, a suction cup sucks a paper box from the paper box inlet and descends to the main line of packing. The paper box is fixed by a guide rail clamp and opened by a push plate. At the same time, two movable clamps rise from below to clamp the side of the paper box from the front and back direction, so that the paper box opens at right angles and moves forward to the filling area. After filling in the filling area, the mechanism of the machine will fold the ears into the left and right guide rails, and then close the cover. Before closing the lid, the mechanism will first bend the insertion tongue of the paper box, and then a push plate will push the box cover to bend, so that the insertion tongue can be inserted into the box and the lock catch can be fastened. Closing the lid is a key action, which is closely related to the structure of carton and the accuracy of machine adjustment.